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About the Client - InfoCentral is StatLink's state-of-the-art management software platform. InfoCentral allows for real-time remote communication, digital document processing and archiving of information at any time. HIPAA-compliant and 100% insured, the core of Med DataLink is InfoCentral MD. It is a flexible, customizable and feature-rich database built for the medical industry.


Project Requirements

Development of a generic web-based custom application for the client to distribute the application to multiple parent clients having their specific application URLs. (Each parent client has his own business partners, services and users.) As a result Application should provide secure data transfer and storage with encryption/ decryption of each uploaded file.

BluEnt stepped in to provide application development services, as mentioned below.

Domain Specific URL - Application should provide the Domain Specific URL to each parent client.

Custom and User-friendly Admin Panel - Admin panel of the application should be managed by the clients rather than relying on Med DataLink's internal team.

Data Migration Plan - Development of a migration plan to move existing customers and their data to the new application.

Payment Gateway Integration - Secure and easy-to-use payment gateway integration.

Cloud Server - The application should run on cloud server.

Quality Assurance Plan - Development of a sound Quality Assurance plan to test software defects thoroughly.

Target Audience - Parent client business application can belong to any organization - it can be Medical Corporation or Sport Organization etc.

Application Developer Guide - Documentation of the code and platform used for enterprise application development.


The BluEnt Approach

As a part of Web application development mandate, BluEnt provided the following modules -

1. Parent Client Management - StatLink has administrative panel to create the Parent Client with its company information along with its logo that shows in each parent company's header page. Each parent company has its own URL created at the time of parent company creation with a unique company prefix.

2. Users Management - This is one of the most important aspects of any information portal. Multiple layers of security were incorporated and strict roles were defined. There are different levels of users based on their permission to access the various sections of the application. Users are administrators, technicians and support staff. User can decide and customize what information he wants to display in his layout. Administrator (i.e. administrator of the MED DataLink clients) has privileges to change and define level of permission to different sections of the application for other users.

3. Records Management - Each company client has its own patient and appointment related information. Each record has different types of dynamic generated data element. Users can dynamically create text box, text area, checkbox, radio button, dropdown and store the records in the system.

4. Notifications Management - Whenever a new patient's appointment record is created or existing patient's information is updated, then a notification is triggered to the users based on their notification permission. These notifications are sent via email with user's home page screen. Users can enable/disable the notification sent to them based on different actions performed in the application.

5. Business Partner Management - The client has multiple dynamically generated business partners (company's clients). Each business partner has his own company information, his users along with the current, past and future contracts.

6. Contract Management - Each contract of a business partner has services, additional fees like data storage fee, last payment overdue fee, etc. Each service has its own defined fee. Each contract has a Start and End date along with its trial period. We divided contract into two parts:

StatLink to Parent Company contract

Parent Company to its Business Partner contract

7. Places of Service Management - Each patient record has a place of service with name, address and other information. Each business partner can create/edit his own place of service. Each place of service has multiple associations of users.

8. Financial Data Management -It includes the invoicing to the business partner. It has two types of invoicing:

  1. Ability to create invoice for each business partner by selecting the records of that business partner
  2. Ability to generate automatic invoices for each business partner at a specified date in a month
  3. Client can define the different dates for each business partner to create the automatic invoice

9. Adjustment on Invoices - Client can apply the adjustment to any invoice. Adjustment can be made on already generated invoice or it can be applied in the future generated invoice.

10. Payment on Invoice - Payments on invoices are done through the credit card via the authorized .net payment gateway. If a user pays extra amount with an invoice, an auto adjustment is created for the balance amount that is deducted from the future invoice of that business partner. We divided the invoice into two parts: StatLink to Parent Company invoice

Parent company to its Business Partner's invoice

11. Invoice due Notification - If invoice is not paid within the due date (30, 60 or defined days), an email notification is sent to the owner.

12. File Manage on Server through Rackspace - Client can directly upload/download through the Rackspace API instead of moving the file to server and then to Rackspace.

13. Data Element Management - Client can create dynamic data elements like text box, text area, radio button, file data element, date type element and form data element. Form data element has different types of its own data elements like text boxes, text area, radio button and inherited data element. We have different sets of permission on the data element i.e. access of data elements via different role users.

14. API Management - We provided a functionality to create patient records, users, services, view any data etc. directly through the APIs


BluEnt used PHP, MySql, Linux, Apache, CakePHP, MPDF for PDF creation

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